How To Carry An Extra Helmet On a Motorcycle (10 Ways)

It is very important not to forget to bring a spare helmet with you, but how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle is an important question.

Here in this blog post, we have discussed some ways to carry a spare helmet with you on a motorcycle.

10 Ways How To Carry An Extra Helmet On A Motorcycle

Here are 10 ways by which you can carry an additional helmet with you on your motorcycle.

Pannier Bag

The most common way of carrying a spare helmet is through panniers or saddlebags. This method is best for those who don’t have much space in their pockets.

However, this method requires some effort as it has to be carried separately from the main luggage. Also, panniers are usually bulky and heavy.

So, if you want to travel light, then this method might not be suitable for you.


Backpacks are one of the easiest methods of carrying a spare helmet. They are easy to use and they provide a good amount of space. There are many types of backpacks available in the market today.

You can choose any backpack depending upon what suits your needs. The only thing that should concern you while choosing a backpack is its weight. If you will be traveling long distances, then make sure to buy a lightweight backpack for an extra passenger helmet.

Shoulder Bag

This type of bag is great when you need to carry something heavier than just a regular helmet.

These bags are designed to fit over the shoulder so that there is no need to put them inside your pocket. You can also carry other items along with your motorcycle helmet.


Handbags are another great option for carrying your additional bike helmet with you. They are small enough to keep in your hand and they are easily portable.

You can carry it anywhere without having to worry about it getting lost. Additionally, your passenger helmet will be safe and sound with it.

Carrying case

Carrying cases are the perfect solution if you want to carry more than one item at once. They come in different sizes and shapes.

Some of these cases even fold up to become smaller than others. You can find carrying cases in almost every size and shape.

Belt Clip

Belt clips are a great way to carry your extra helmet. They are designed to attach to your belt. They are easy to wear and they are comfortable to carry around. They can hold helmets of all sizes.


Tie-ups are also known as tie-down straps. These straps are used to secure things that you are going to carry. You can use them to tie up your motorcycle helmet.

Tie your helmet with a helmet carrier strap and make it secure.

Hook Under Passenger Seat

If you are using a passenger seat, then you can hook it under the seat and hang your extra helmet there. Make sure to place it well on the passenger seat so that it does not fall off.

Use Of Cargo Net

A cargo net is another simple yet effective way of carrying your extra motorcycle helmet. It provides a safe storage area for your helmet.

You can either carry it on top of your motorcycle or you can strap it down to the side with a helmet carrier strap.

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Hang The Helmet On Your Arm

Hanging your spare helmet on your arm is a convenient method. You can do this by simply tying it onto the handlebars. The helmet hanging on your arm looks stylish as well.

Why Should We Carry An Extra Helmet?

There are several reasons why you may require to carry an extra helmet.

One reason is that you are riding with a friend who doesn’t own his/her helmet.

Another reason could be that you are planning to ride somewhere where you cannot get insurance coverage for your bike. In such situations, you may need to carry a spare helmet because it would help you protect yourself against injuries.

So, whether you are going out for a weekend trip or you are heading toward a race track, you must remember to carry an extra passenger helmet with you.

This will ensure that you have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.


The above-mentioned methods are some of the most common ways how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle.

There are many other options available as well like an elastic helmet strap. So, before making a final decision, try each of them out to see which one works best for you.


Where Do You Put Your Helmet When You Park Your Motorcycle?

When you park your motorcycle, it is important to put your helmet on top of the gas tank, then remove it before getting off the bike.

Can I Take My Motorcycle Helmet On Vacation?

Yes, you can! Just make sure that you pack it properly. Take care of the ventilation holes, clean them regularly, and store the helmet in a cool dry space.

How Do You Use A Motorcycle Helmet Strap?

To strap a helmet, first, line up the chin strap and then adjust the buckle as needed. Also, make sure that the helmet fits snugly around your head. If it does not feel right, then try adjusting the cheek pads accordingly.

How Do You Lock A Bike Helmet?

A helmet lock is a great way of making secure your helmet.

You can either use a key or a combination lock. However, if you don’t want others to steal your motorcycle helmet, then you should go for a combination lock.

How Do You Use A Helmet Leash?

Helmet leashes are used to secure helmets while they are being transported. They are usually made from leather and nylon rope. You can easily attach these to any type of helmet.